The PRE-AMBLE, the CHASM between and the PRESENTATION

Bridge3The presentation stage really starts to happen when you begin to uncovered a need or desire. The problem is that many salespeople don’t get that far because they are slam dunked early in the process by the prospect’s clever and quick excuse, objection or put off.

That chasm between the pre-amble and the body of the presentation just seems to get deeper and even more foreboding.

Lets step back a bit and look more carefully at the “pre-amble”. We could begin by giving it a more appropriate name. I prefer to refer to it as the RELAX part of the presentation. Continue reading

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How your prospect sees the world

67467_smallThe business of selling tends to be interrupted by every possible distraction. No matter how hard we try, life and all its complications seem to get in the way.

Don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning. Is it Johnny’s school recital tonight? Where in the hell did I file that company’s business quote? ….Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, we often walk into a sales presentation totally preoccupied and distracted from the main task at hand….. That is, effective Communication with the prospect/client. Continue reading

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“Oh I’m sorry….Did I break your concentration?”

samuel-l-jackson-as-jules-winnfield-in-pulpIn the movie PULP FICTION Samuel Jackson plays the part of a menacing hit man.

He looks and sounds a bit like that annoyed prospect who has had enough. They feel they have to be just a bit menacing to successfully interrupt the rambling salesperson. To just get the salesperson to shut up for a minute.

Continue reading

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Transform-through-conversations-photoLook at these two young girls and ask yourself…What do you see?

Do you see a sharing of common interests? Do you see shared secrets? Do you see an absence of guile? Do you see a sense of fun? Do you see genuine affection? Do you see honesty?

Now here is my next question ……Wouldn’t you be more than pleased if this photo was actually an accurate mirror of a typical interaction between you and your prospect? Continue reading

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Is a Cold Call like diving off the high board?

boy-scared-of-diving-inI think most of us remember the first time we crept out along the high dive board. We stared at the water and imagined that we would soon be terminally winded or suffering from multiple bone fractures.

In a way that experience is not dissimilar to the first time I went out cold canvassing. I have to point out here that this was many years ago. I was without the guiding hand and reassuring support of my sales manager. I drove up one street then down another then up another till I finally decided that I had found a street that would have a buyer behind every door. Continue reading

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Managers – Time to admit your the problem?

Bad ManagerPlease don’t just dismiss my little outburst. Maybe, just maybe you have concentrated far too much on driving people and eventually pushing them away. Only to then find they succeed with another company.

If you understand selling to be a form of management this post should continue to hold your interest and benefit you in the management of everyone in your environment (Customers, prospects etc)

As a salesperson and as a Manager/Consultant I have observed that salespeople who are often happy with the company and the product still end up leaving because of the Sales Manager.

Perhaps it is time to seriously turn our gaze on who we really are and make some admissions about your own shortcomings and limitations. Continue reading

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Become a DOCTOR in 8 yrs and a SALESPERSON in a week

annoying-salesperson doctors

Wait a minute there is definitely something wrong with that heading.

It takes 8 yrs to produce a Doctor and its 4 yrs before they even get to talk to a patient. So, what are we doing allowing Salespeople loose on the public after one weeks’ induction. Continue reading

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masksOften salespeople assume that the MASK PEOPLE WEAR is a true indication of the character and state of mind of the prospect/client.

They merrily go on and on about their product or service and then are totally dumbfounded when the prospect/client dismiss their proposal or offer out of hand. The crest fallen rookie takes his or her leave feeling that they have been cast aside like a broken toy. Continue reading

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Is there life after CALL RELUCTANCE?

shutterstock_66843013-copyYears ago I realized that I love making a sale but I hate the process I have to go through to get there. I would look at my sales colleagues picking up the phone with the same relish and excitement that Homer Simpson eats a donut.

I had to ask myself the question….”What is wrong with me?” Continue reading

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Tell All t-shirt

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone wore a tee shirt that told us what they think and even better still, how they want your product or service presented to them.

Well, in a lot of ways that is exactly what people do whether they are aware of it or not. Prospects and clients are telling us who they are and what turns them on They express themselves uniquely by the way. Continue reading

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